Arizona Mountain ResortsWith as busy as life gets for most, they often forget to take a little time for themselves. Everyone needs to take a breath and unwind once in a while. Take a few days for yourself to relieve the stresses of life at home with the Life and Balance Wellness Center at The Inn at Eagle Mountain. It is easy to relax your mind and body in one of the most tranquil Arizona Mountain Resorts in the Fountain Hills area.

A Healing Heritage

The Inn at Eagle Mountain and the Fountain Hills area of Arizona have a strong Native American background. With the area rich in culture, the spa reflects the spirit of the heritage that runs deep within the local tribes. You can find yourself in one of the ten casitas that vary in theme, decor, and scents to match your individuality. From the aromatherapy to the seating within each Casita, you will find exactly what you need to unwind and become at peace in the moment. Discover the essence of zen and find your center for a full dose of self-care.

Mind, Body, and Soul

There is a variety of methods the Life and Balance Wellness Center can use to help you find tranquility and complete relaxation. With a mix of care for your mind, body, and soul you can recharge and rejuvenate yourself from top to bottom. Gemstone treatments and perscentoelogy will help you focus on things that you would like to improve on whether it be to relax, elevate your mood, encourage life changes, or to find peace within yourself. Various forms of massage and acupuncture will help your muscles release and your circulation flow correctly to inspire better overall health. Spend a full day or a few hours feeding your body and soul what it needs.

Arizona Mountain ResortsBeauty and Confidence

Many feel better and have more confidence when they feel good about their bodies and skin. The spa at the Inn at Eagle Mountain has a few natural ways to get your body looking and feeling fantastic. A vinotherapy full-body wrap will leave your skin feeling incredible by neutralizing free-radicals while a full-body seaweed wrap and sauna will release excess fluids and stimulate your metabolism through a number of natural remedies. Treat yourself by getting your nails done with a manicure that leaves out all of the harsh chemicals you find at the usual salon visits. You can also do a little bit of beauty treatment with a wax or brow and eyelash tint to give yourself even more confidence while you kick it poolside.


If you are trying to decide on Arizona mountain resorts for the best stay, The Inn at Eagle Mountain is the perfect resort for those looking for a complete escape with incredible spa services, fantastic golf, and more. Give The Inn at Eagle Mountain a call to find your perfect getaway.