Arizona is one of the most desired destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in the world. From red rocks to endless desert sunsets, Arizona’s nature is unrivaled by any other. When you stay at the Inn at Eagle Mountain during your Arizona vacation, you’ll be in the prime location for enjoying the great outdoors. Scottsdale, Arizona is the perfect climbing spot for every level of climber, and a stay here guarantees endless views of everything Arizona has to offer, from Phoenix to the Sonoran Desert. This secluded hotel is nestled right in the desert and offers luxury accommodations ready to help you get off your feet after a long day of climbing. Whether you’re a novice boulderer or a long-time climber with an Arizona project in mind, there’s a rock climbing destination for you. Here is a list of the best rock climbing in Arizona, just waiting for you to strap on your climbing shoes.

Photo of a Woman Rock Climbing in ArizonaPinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak is the perfect place to go rock climbing in Arizona and is located right in Scottsdale, which means it won’t be too far from your accommodations at the Inn at Eagle Mountain. With towering granite formations, every level of climber is sure to find something worth attempting here at Pinnacle Peak. Routes here range from 5.5 to 5.11c, so no matter how steep your goals are, you’ll surely find something to climb (and a gorgeous view at the top).

Tom’s Thumb and Gardener’s Wall

Located at the same trailhead, Tom’s Thumb and Gardener’s Wall are two places to go rock climbing in Arizona that definitely can’t be missed. Tom’s Thumb is found at the end of a three-mile hike, and routes here range from 5.4 to 5.11. Once you top out on Tom’s Thumb, you’ll be greeted by stunning views of the Arizona landscape. 

Gardener’s Wall is accessed from the same trailhead in Scottsdale, Arizona, and this one you don’t have to hike for. Right at the beginning of that three-mile hike to Tom’s Thumb, you’ll find a huge, north-facing granite wall, and while the routes here are a bit easier (ranging from 5.5 to 5.7), you still can’t beat the views.

Weaver’s Needle

Located just outside of Scottsdale is the Tonto National Forest, which is where you’ll find Weaver’s Needle—a unique outdoor space for rock climbing in Arizona. Hidden in the famous Superstition Mountains, Weaver’s Needle is one of the most iconic formations in the area, and one you’ve likely seen pictures of before! Finding the Needle involves a bit of a hike on the Peralta Trail, but you’ll be met with plenty of routes for all levels, from West Chimney at a 5.0 to multiple routes rated at 5.9. And no matter what, you can’t miss seeing this rock formation during your trip to Arizona—it’s one that can’t be missed.

Photo of the Inn at Eagle Mountain. Rock Climbing in Arizona Is Nearby!Inn at Eagle Mountain

When it comes to rock climbing in Arizona, there are plenty of routes that can’t be missed. From the mysterious Superstition Mountains to Pinnacle Peak, there truly is a climb for everyone here in Scottsdale, Arizona. When you stay at the Inn at Eagle Mountain, you’ll be greeted with nothing but the best accommodations, so you can rest assured knowing that at the end of the day, you’ll have a comfy place to lay your head after climbing every Arizona route imaginable.