John Komes


The Inn at Eagle Mountain, renowned for its Southwestern décor and luxurious amenities, has an intriguing connection to California’s wine country through its owner, John Komes. John is best known as the founder and long-time proprietor of one of Napa Valley’s most celebrated family-owned wineries, Flora Springs. Since 1978, when John and his family started Flora Springs, he has been a recognized leader in Napa Valley wine, with years of critical acclaim for his wines. He was one of the first vintners to create a proprietary red Bordeaux blend, the winery’s flagship wine, Trilogy . And as a long time grape grower, John was also one of the first to produce Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons spotlighting the renowned sub-appellations of Napa Valley. Ever the innovator, John owns and operates two additional Napa Valley wineries, Jon Nathaniel Wines and Bodacious.

As a vintner for over four decades, John has deep experience in gracious hospitality and customer service. At the Inn at Eagle Mountain, which he has owned since 2001, John is committed to the same spirit of warmth, welcome and generosity that embodies Flora Springs, Jon Nathaniel and Bodacious. A frequent visitor to Scottsdale with his wife, Carrie, John has created a boutique luxury hotel where the good life of Napa Valley’s wine country combines with the ambiance and beauty of the American Southwest.

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