fountain hills hotelsThe desert sun heats up the sandy landscapes of Arizona and often times can bring heat waves to the area that you may not be used to when you visit. Staying cool is important for remaining comfortable during your stay in our Fountain Hills hotels so that you do not overheat and can keep the good times rolling. There are certain tips and tricks to keeping cool in the desert climate so your Arizona getaway is a breeze.

Stay Hydrated

Many of us hear it all the time, “Drink more water.” However, when staying in Arizona, this is an essential factor in staying healthy and safe during your visit. Some days the area’s temperatures climb into the triple digits and can cause things such as heat exhaustion, dehydration, and other heat-induced illness. It is always a good idea to have a couple of water bottles with and keep them filled. Try not to drink too much soda, coffee, or sugary beverages. Many people like to enjoy alcoholic beverages during a getaway but try to drink a full glass of water with each alcoholic drink so you get enough water. This will help you have fun while also beating the heat.

Dressing Cool

In cold weather, it is easy to stay warm because all you need is layers. In the heat, it can be a little more tricky.

  • Try to stay away from wearing dark colors as darker pigments like blacks and dark blues can absorb heat. Lighter colors will reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them so it keeps a bit of the heat at bay.
  • Wear lighter fabrics. When you avoid fabrics like denim and trade them for lighter, breathable fabrics, it will allow more air to move through your clothing.
  • Wear things that shade you. Sunglasses are not the only smart things to have on hand in hot weather. Try to pack brimmed hats, a thin scarf or shawl, or an umbrella. Staying in the shade will not only keep you cool but also block harmful rays and protect your skin from burning.

A Few Fun Hacksfountain hills hotels

There are a few small hacks that can keep you cool in travels and adventures.

You can stay more comfortable on hikes and excursions with cooling bandanas. There are several products that you can find online that can keep you cooled off during your ventures.

Have a cloth on hand that you can get wet and apply to your bodies “cooling spots.” When you put a cloth with cold water on the back of your neck, insides of your wrists, ankles, backs of knees, or forehead it will help bring your body temperature down slightly.

The final tip for staying cool? Jump in the pool! At the Inn at Eagle Mountain, we have a sparkling pool that is perfect for taking a dip and shaking that Arizona heat. When it comes to Fountain Hills hotels, the pool is the best spot on a hot summer day. So come and stay cool with us this summer and use these hacks to beat the heat and have a blast at the Inn at Eagle Mountain.