Hole in the Rock Papago ParkVisiting new places with your loved ones is the perfect opportunity to discover breathtaking natural wonders. When you stay with us at Inn at Eagle Mountain, there is one park that holds a sculpture that Mother Nature carved over the years, and it’s located just a short drive from out Scottsdale Inn. Take a hike and discover Hole in the Rock Papago Park for a fun day trip to see a unique piece of the Arizona desert landscape.

Hiking Hole in the Rock Trail

Hiking Hole in the Rock Trail is the perfect short hike to get you outside and see a bit of the natural wonder in our beautiful Arizona landscapes. With under a mile of hiking from the trailhead to the lookout and back, this hike is perfect for all levels of experience and families that want to take their little ones along for the journey. The trail loops around to the back of the formation where you can walk the steps carved into the stone to the gaping holes that overlook the small ponds and palm trees below. Be sure to bring along your camera to capture a few photos of the views and unusual rock formations that create this beautiful structure of nature.

Papago Park and Surrounding Adventures

Hole in the Rock Papago ParkThe Hole in the Rock Trail takes you up to a rock formation located next to the Pheonix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden. You can easily make the hike up the Hole in the Rock Papago Park Trail and head back down for a day at the zoo, or discover the plantlife that resides at the Desert Botanical Garden to keep the excursion going. Papago Park spans even further than the Hole in the Rock, so you may also choose to play a bit of golf at the Papago Golf Course, visit the Hall of Flame Museum, cast a line into the Papago Ponds fishing lagoons, or indulge in plenty of other fun activities throughout the park! Since it is a bit of a drive from your accommodations at our Scottsdale inn, why not make a full day of discoveries? There is plenty to discover in this fascinating Arizona park.

Things to do in Scottsdale

When you stay with us at Inn at Eagle Mountain, there are seemingly endless things to do in Scottsdale to keep your itinerary full and the fun rolling all day long. Visit our full-service boutique inn and experience all of the surrounding activities and attractions like the Hole in the Rock Papago Park Trail. Create lasting memories, and find something new every day that you are here when you visit us at Inn at Eagle Mountain!