Frank Lloyd Wright Home and StudioWhether you enjoy art or have a passion for architecture, you can find an incredible mix of both in the middle of the desert just outside of Scottsdale, AZ. When you stay with us at Inn at Eagle Mountain, take a short drive just west to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Taliesin West; one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most creative properties. Discover the artful process of Frank Lloyd Wright and his apprentices with a tour of this unique creation.

A Bit of History

Frank Lloyd Wright was an extremely talented architecture that lived from 1867 to 1952 and was known for his innovative ideas that went hand-in-hand with the ever booming technology advancements. His career began when he was 22 years old, and much of his life was spent drawing up new and inventive buildings that challenged the status-quo that many other architectures of the time were following. This Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio, named Taliesin West, started early design and construction in 1936 with the original intent of this building serving as his Wright’s winter home. Partnering with the Taliesin Fellowship, he began the construction while utilizing his inventive ideas and the natural influences of the desert around it. Wright soon used the Taliesin West as his test-run building, where he and his apprentices would build things as ideas came to them, and they even added onto the property without plans to see how different designs would hold up and how to preserve them. There is still continuous maintenance efforts being made to preserve this historic place and the hard work that was put into it by Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship.

Take a Tour

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and StudioWhen it comes to things to do in Scottsdale, paying a visit to this Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio should be at the top of your itinerary. Only a short distance from our Scottsdale boutique hotel, you can easily spend a full day exploring and studying the variety of designs throughout the property. Discover the areas that Wright worked alongside his apprentices and envision him bent over his desk, mindfully sketching out his next plan with careful calculations. There are several tour options that you can take part in, as well as a store for items inspired by Wright’s work.

A Great Day and an Even Better Stay

You can explore the day away and delight in the incredible innovation that Wright and his team created in our beautiful desert home. When you have seen all of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, return to your ideal accommodations at Inn at Eagle Mountain for an evening of relaxation. Discover our array of amenities and savor the day’s activities while chatting poolside or indulging in spa treatments at the Life in Balance Wellness Center. The next time you are looking for incredible things to do in Scottsdale, book your stay with us at Inn at Eagle Mountain and reserve your spot for a tour of the breathtaking Taliesin West for an unforgettable getaway to Arizona.