biking in scottsdaleIf you are in your element on two wheels and in the great outdoors, head to Scottsdale, find your favorite Arizona bike rentals and hit the trails. The Inn at Eagle Mountain is surrounded by sprawling desert landscapes and a wide variety of trails that are just waiting for you. Grab your gear and discover the thrill and joy of biking in Scottsdale with us at Inn at Eagle Mountain for a bicycle excursion as you’ve never experienced before!

When Rubber Meets Trail

There is no rush quite like that of maneuvering a bike through trails that take you through breathtaking landscapes and challenging terrains. Feel the sunshine and warm breeze on your face as you round curves and make your way through some of Arizona’s most beautiful natural areas. During your stay at our Scottsdale inn, you can easily access numerous trails that are only a hop and a skip away.

Do It Your Way

biking in scottsdaleWhether you prefer to adventure alone or prefer a guide to navigate you through new areas, you can choose your preferred excursion to experience your ideal journey. Biking in Scottsdale is a popular pastime; therefore most of the trails are well-groomed. The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy offers seasonal guided tours as well as details on all of the best trails for biking in Scottsdale. Whether you are a novice that’s just starting or an avid cyclist looking for a challenge, you are sure to find a suitable route to get your heart pumping.

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve is home to an array of non-motorized trails, but hikers and horseback riders also frequent the trails. So, when you venture out stay aware of any other visitors that you may meet on the trails so that everyone can have a safe and successful day out. Make sure you let others know if you are approaching from the rear and stay visible while giving horses space to pass safely.

Stay, Play, and Explore!

No visit to Inn at Eagle Mountain is the same as there are always new things to do and Scottsdale attractions to experience. The next time you are planning a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, find a bike and head for the trails. You can discover the thrill of biking in Scottsdale all day long and return to the complete comfort of our boutique hotel for a relaxing evening enjoying the resort-style amenities for the perfect evening. So if you are craving a unique cycling experience in the great outdoors, head to Scottsdale and discover the incredible trails surrounding us at the Inn at Eagle Mountain!