Arizona Spring Break ScenerySpring is a particularly wonderful time to visit Arizona. Temperatures are pleasant, the sun prickles on your skin, and the desert plants blossom with color. When the countryside lights up with tufts of wildflowers, so do the local gardens. So you can enjoy the spectacular scenery both in town and out in the mountains surrounding Inn at Eagle Mountain. One of our best springtime celebrations is the Arizona butterfly garden, which is one of the most anticipated annual Desert Botanical Garden events. This event and others are the perfect things for families, couples, and friends to do on an Arizona spring break.

All About the Arizona Butterfly GardenButterfly on Cactus at Arizona Butterfly Garden

The Arizona butterfly garden, which runs from February to May each year, is a positively dreamy place. Hundreds of the jewel-tones creatures flutter through the air around you. You can see caterpillars in a special baby butterfly nursery. You can see them emerge from cocoons and unfurl their wings for the very first time. It’s an awe-inspiring experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the season of growth. When you return from Phoenix, keep your eyes out for wild butterflies outside our Eagle Mountain resort. All the species you’ll see at the Arizona butterfly garden are native to the Southwest, so you can encounter them out on the hiking trails throughout your Arizona spring break.

More Desert Botanical Garden Events

While the Arizona butterfly garden is one of the most popular Desert Botanical Garden events, the gorgeous Phoenix enclosure hosts plenty of other spring attractions. The spring plant sale is ideal for enthusiastic plant lovers who want to take a piece of the Arizona cactus garden home with them. The Music in the Garden series is an excellent way to get some fresh air and explore Arizona’s nightlife. Take your new cactus back to your sunny room in one of the best boutique hotels in Arizona.

On the second Tuesday of every month, the Desert Botanical Garden has free admission. 

Scenic Boutique Hotels in Arizona

Our Eagle Mountain resort is perfectly situated in Scottsdale to give you access to the expansive Arizona countryside and the bustling city of Phoenix. Spend the morning at these Desert Botanical Garden events before returning for an afternoon game of golf at the most breathtaking courses in North America. Contact us today to book your springtime vacation.